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Introducing Clinical Skills 101. An instructional digital training that reviews step by step, all of the skills you need to know to pass your clinical exam. 

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Clinical Skills 101 - Digital Training

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I really liked Clinical Skills 101.  It was especially helpful when it came time to studying for the state exam.  It shows everything step by step so I could understand it better and so that I could do it on my own.  I would recommend this training for future students because I found it very helpful throughout the course and while preparing for the state exam.

Samantha P.

I like this training a lot! It’s easy to follow and helpful to see a step by step demonstration.  I liked the table of contents and the option to select a particular skill.  I would recommend this training to anyone preparing to take their state test!"

Charmaine D.

This training was very helpful! I liked how it was narrated and showed step by step how to preform each task. I would absolutely recommend it. I feel very confident going into my state exam. 

Sarah J.

Clinical Skills 101

Preparing you to pass your clinical exam, the first time.

We know what you need as a nursing assistant student & graduate!

Why Us?

We have over 20 years experience in training, educating, licensing and state testing Nursing Assistants!  We know what you need to know and we've put it together here for you!

As former owners of the leading Nursing Assistant training program in NH, we successfully graduated over 10,000 Nursing Assistants!  Not only do we know how to prepare students thoroughly for a career in Nursing, we also prepare them expertly to pass the State Licensing Exam.

We also own and operate a Nursing Assistant State Exam company.  We have administered the state licensing exam to over 7,000 Nursing Assistants.  Of the candidates who use "Clinical Skills 101" as a study tool to prepare for the exam, we have seen a 99% pass rate!